Edradour got big by being small. A glance at the photograph of the distillery near Pitlochry in the heart of Perthshire confirms that it started life as a farm. On the company’s website one can almost taste the cool sweet waters as you listen to the fast-flowing burn. When the distillery was founded in 1825, it was as a farmers’ cooperative.

With the smallest stills in production, and indeed the smallest distillery in Scotland until the advent of recent entrant Strathearn, Edradour puts great store in its ‘hand-made’ approach. One can only imagine the emotions among the workforce the day the water wheel was replaced by electricity!

The small is beautiful approach has not stood in the way of the creation of 25 expressions of the Edradour Highland single malt. One example of its focus on niche marketing is its exclusive to Taiwan, straight-from-the-cask 239. This whisky spends 9 years in Oloroso sherry cask before being shipped to the very appreciative audience on the Chinese island.

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