Whether you are a newcomer to the market interested in experiencing some of the world’s most luxurious drinks or you are a strict investor interested only in profit, our specialist team will be able to walk you through the buying process step by step, making it easy to understand, interesting and exciting. We will tailor our passion, knowledge and experience to your individual needs.

We will advise and offer our personal opinions on the options available to you whether investing or drinking, but the ultimate buying decision is yours. Once we have discussed the benefits of the different options, should you wish to proceed, you will be able to make a decision from a position of knowledge.

You do not have to be a wine/whisky/Cognac expert, enthusiast or investor to profit from or gain enjoyment from this market. We believe all you need is sound advice, competitive pricing, correct storage and complete control of your asset to enjoy the fruits of the market. However, most of our clients find there is a transfer of enthusiasm once dealing in this market and they soon become hooked, be warned.



Most seasoned collectors will be aware that selling luxury drinks usually incurs a charge of between 10-20% to the seller. At Vintage Acquisitions honesty, integrity and transparency are at the heart of our business. As a smaller company we believe in treating our clients fairly, without surprise charges and hidden fees. You will be happy to know that when the time is right to sell your holding, a charge of just 5% will be applicable to cover transfer and administration fees, enabling you to realise the lion’s share of the profit made.

If you are selling wine originally purchased through Vintage Acquisitions, a small charge of 10% of the profit made since purchase or £150 will be administered, whichever is the greater.

As wine traders we are always looking to buy fine and rare drinks, if you are thinking of selling your collection, please contact us for a free valuation, our prices are rarely beaten.



Vintage Acquisitions offer a brokerage service as an alternative to selling your holding directly to us at a competitive price. We will broker your individual bottles/cases or whole collection out to our large network of international private and trade clients and to the wider international public through Liv-ex, our website and various internet search engines.


It is imperative that wine is stored in the correct temperature, humidity and in a sunlight and vibration free environment in order for the wine to age and mature correctly. All investment-grade wine must be stored in-bond to guarantee the above and continue its 100% provenance record.

All of our wines are stored at Octavian's underground storage facility in Wiltshire. Octavian is the UK's premier bonded wine, warehousing and distribution company and, through continuous investment, offers ideal conditions for wine storage.

Endorsed by leading oenologists, Octavian's spacious underground cellars offer computerised temperature and humidity control and a vibration and sunlight-free environment ensuring that wines are stored in perfect conditions. Octavian has an enviable security record and any wine that you choose to store with Octavian is automatically insured for its full replacement value.

At Vintage Acquisitions we insist that all wines, if not being consumed immediately, are stored in-bond by our clients whether for an investment or to drink at a later date. We strongly suggest that all clients open a personal account directly with a bonded warehouse to store their wine and stay in complete control of their asset.

Wine purchased and stored in-bond is free from VAT and import duty.



Please contact us on 0800 644 0063 or simply email to receive a free non-obligatory valuation on any fine and rare drinks you are thinking of selling, our prices are very rarely beaten.