Vintage Acquisitions 2022 Tax Year End Bulletin:

Dear Clients,

It is fair to say that with a new tax year end just around the corner the last two years have, for many, been rather challenging. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the global pandemic and more recently the appalling hostilities in the Ukraine.

The end of the financial tax year tends to act as a trigger for us to utilise allowances such as ISA, pension and Capital Gains Tax in the same way as the New Year reminds us to get our ducks in a row and organise our finances, update our wills and submit our tax returns.

Volatile markets have remained constant post Brexit fuelled even further by the crisis in Ukraine. With the cost of COVID alone running into trillions it seems we are set for an extended period of economic uncertainty and instability. With rumours of tax hikes, inflation climbing to 5.40% and two decades of sub 1.0% bank base rates, savers and investors alike are constantly struggling to find ‘real’ returns on their hard earned money.

From a whisky perspective quite the opposite is true. Yes, for a relatively short period of time production of Scotch was disrupted by the pandemic however the knock on effect has been a global increase in demand.

A thriving Asian market, coupled with the removal of trade tariffs for the US and Australia has already had a positive impact on demand. The proposed removal / reduction on India’s 150% tariff currently under review would increase that further given India consumes 50% of the world’s whisky. (See link below):

Many of you will know already that Vintage Acquisitions are well underway with our expansion programme. We moved to larger offices in London Bridge in November to meet rising demand. Our website and corporate brochure have been given a total face lift with our core objective in all of this to make the cask whisky experience as transparent and simple as possible for both new and existing clients.

February saw the launch of our on-line client portal where clients can view and download all details relating to their cask portfolio and be advised of forthcoming Vintage Whisky Club events and market news.

Vintage Acquisitions are, and wish to remain the number one name in cask Scotch whisky and we thank you all for the positive feedback we receive.

2022 is an exciting year to be involved in cask whisky. We are with you all the way.

Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2022.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of cask whisky purchase further please email us on and we will get in touch or simply fill in the form below.

Sam Brooks, Founder and Owner

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