Scotch Whisky Cask Investment - Liquid Gold

✓ Secure access to our online portal detailing all cask purchasing history & portfolio objectives
✓ Access to award winning distilleries
✓ Fully licensed by HMRC
✓ Simplified process. We handle everything on your behalf
✓ Stockists of a wide range of casks to suit all budgets
✓ All purchased casks are stored, inspected and insured in HMRC warehouses on your behalf
✓ Choice of 6 flexible exit strategies
✓ Capital Gains Tax free*
✓ Can be classed as a ‘gift’ and therefore used as part of an estate planning strategy*


An essential guide into cask Scotch whisky purchase and what it could mean long-term for you, your children and grandchildren.


You must be 18 or over to order with Vintage Acquisitions

*Vintage Acquisitions are not tax experts or financial advisers. If you need further clarification or advice on cask whisky purchasing please contact your financial adviser and tax specialist.

1. Vintage Acquisitions are not tax experts. If you need further clarification or advice on cask whisky purchase please contact your tax specialist or accountant.

2. We are not financial advisers, and the information in our brochure and on our website is purely to inform you about the nature of the Scottish whisky industry so that you can make an informed decision should you choose to buy a cask. We recommend you to speak to your financial adviser in the first instance.

3. The value of cask whisky can go up as well as down. If you wish to speak to someone regarding the cask buying process or any points raised in this guide or our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4. If you wish to sample or bottle your cask. Please be aware duty and VAT will be due before the whisky has been bottled and the finished goods are removed from the HMRC licence warehouse. This remains the responsibility of the cask owner.

5. It is advisable to perform regular health checks on your cask every 3 years. Cask services are chargeable to the client, these include, regauging, samples and photographs.

6. Our WOWGR certificate (Departmental Trader Registration Number: 127 4643 13/0001) issued by HMRC, authorises us to store cask whisky in any appropriately approved Scottish excise warehouse. Therefore, we store casks of whisky across a number of distilleries and HMRC approved facilities in Scotland.

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