Most seasoned collectors will be aware that selling luxury drinks usually incurs a charge of between 10-20% to the seller.

At Vintage Acquisitions honesty, integrity and transparency are at the heart of our business. We believe in treating our clients fairly, without the need for smoke and mirrors, surprise charges and hidden fees. You will be happy to know that when the time is right to sell your holding, the price we quote will be the exact figure you'll receive with no other deductions. Reassuringly, we currently have 6 proven exit strategies when the time is ripe.

Whisky Cask Investment Guide

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“Read our everything you need to know guide for owning and investing in cask whisky.”

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  • The key whisky producing regions of Scotland and how they are different
  • The overall size of the market
  • Average net returns after storage costs and inflation
  • Highlights of prominent bottles sold for record-breaking sums
  • Reasons to buy
  • How casks differ
  • The buying process
  • Proven exit strategies

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Dealing with Sam has been a real pleasure. I’ve recently become aware of the fantastic returns cask whiskey can provide and Sam helped me to make my first investment, which wasn’t wine! I’ve no doubt that this reasonable acquisition will pay out a pretty penny in years to come.
Aaron Leary

After much disappointment from my current investments, I searched for an alternative tax-free investment, that was long-term, but safe. After being recommended to Vintage Acquisitions, I was then informatively introduced to the whisky market. Their advice has been easy to understand (even for a novice) and sound. I’ve purchased 5 casks so far and the return after just 3 years is already exciting. I’m happy to give them 5 stars.
James V

I’m relatively new to investing in these assets and am delighted with the growth achieved so far. I look forward to a continued relationship with Vintage Acquisitions whose expertise and guidance have introduced me into this exciting area of investment.
Lee Clifford


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Whisky Cask Owners & Investment Guide

Download our everything you
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