Whisky casks are classed as a ‘wasting asset’ and are not subject to capital gains tax, with average annual returns of between 7-15%.

At Vintage Acquisitions honesty, integrity and transparency are at the heart of our business. We believe in treating our clients fairly, without the need for smoke and mirrors, surprise charges and hidden fees. You will be happy to know that when the time is right to sell your holding, the price we quote will be the exact figure you'll receive with no other deductions. Reassuringly, we currently have 6 proven exit strategies when the time is ripe.

Whisky Cask Investment Guide

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Request your free copy of the Vintage Acquisitions Whisky Cask Investment Guide to explore the key facets of the market.

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    "Read our everything you need to know guide for owning and investing in cask whisky."

    Within this complimentary guide, you’ll learn:

    ✓ The key whisky producing regions of Scotland and how they differ
    ✓ The overall size of the market
    ✓ Average net returns after storage costs and inflation
    ✓ Highlights of prominent bottles sold for record-breaking sums
    ✓ Reasons to buy
    ✓ How casks differ
    ✓ The buying process
    ✓ Proven exit strategies


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    Whisky Cask Owners & Investment Guide

    Download our everything you
    need to know guide for owning
    and investing in cask whisky.

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