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If you are considering selling some, or all of your whisky portfolio, be it casks or bottles or if you just wish to have it accurately valued, simply fill in the form below or contact us on 0208 057 2001 / to receive a free, no obligation valuation.

The disposal process is straightforward and our prices are very competitive.

Receive Your Valuation Today!

Get Your Valuation Today!


Whilst we are predominately whisky traders, we have a long history trading all luxury drinks, including premium fine wine. We have been members of the Liv-ex international trading exchange since 2014 and by keeping our membership live, we can offer a rapid exit strategy for those wishing to sell their wine portfolio and enter into the more buoyant and niche world of whisky. Liv-ex have the largest network of trusted international buyers and the disposal process can be completed through us in as little as 10 days. Fill in the form to receive a quote or contact us on 0208 057 2001 /

Scotch Whisky Cask Investment Guide

Download your free guide about 'Scotch Whisky Cask Ownership'

Request your free copy of the Vintage Acquisitions ‘Scotch Whisky Cask Investment’ guide to explore the key facets of the market.

* You must be 18 or over to order with Vintage Acquisitions

1. Whisky cask investments are unregulated in the UK
2. The value of investments is variable and can go down as well as up
3. Fees apply and these are outlined in our terms and conditions
4. The volume of spirit will decrease over time, commonly known as ‘the Angels’ share’, see website for more details.

"Read our everything you need to know guide for owning cask whisky."

Within this complimentary guide, you’ll learn:

✓ A message from our founder
✓ About Vintage Acquisitions
✓ Products & services
✓ Reasons to buy
✓ Benefits of whisky cask purchase
✓ Whisky facts
✓ Choosing the right cask(s)
✓ Whisky by regions
✓ The purchase process
✓ An appreciating asset
✓ Client case studies
✓ Proven exit options
✓ Storage & provenance
✓ Frequently asked questions

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Scotch Whisky Cask Investment

Download our everything you
need to know guide for owning
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