Vintage Acquisitions (VA) are a team of dedicated whisky lovers. We are stockists and traders of cask whisky ranging from new age spirits to one off hidden gems!

Prices range from as little as £1,000 to £500k.

– We are a team of passionate whisky experts with over 20 years’ experience
– Established and trading for 10 years
– HMRC WOWGR licence (No. 127.4643.13/0001)
– We store in over 13 HMRC approved excise bonded warehouses in Scotland
– Secure, Safe & Fast transport options


We have access to over 100 distilleries throughout Scotland


Fully insured and fast
transport available


Passionate whisky experts with over 20 years’ experience


As successful stockists and bulk traders of whisky casks over the last 10 years, we have organically become wholesale market leaders with extremely competitive prices and unbeatable service.

We currently store casks in 13 partner distilleries and excise warehouses around Scotland. We have a movement guarantee transportation partner doing the rounds daily/weekly, so logistically we can provide a fast and fully insured service.

Our attention to detail is our strong point. We take pride in our services and make sure all transactions run smoothly. Our back office team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We are always willing to share our hard earned experience and knowledge, and this has been the key to a number of our wholesale client’s success.

We look forward to you becoming a valued partner.




    I’m a whisky lover and always have been, and with a few friends we meet once a month and sample different drams. I came across Vintage Acquisitions in the Sunday Times and are now in the process of setting up a meeting to have the investment opportunity explained. Watch this space.
    John Nerden

    Adam was very helpful and explained all the information requested to guide me through the process. Looking forward to a long term relationship with these guys as they seem to know their market well.
    Thank you
    Angus Taylor

    Hi, a total novice to whisky investment. I had several conversations with Sam, he was very courtious and free with advice, I found the process very easy and purchased a couple of barrels to start my investment portfolio.
    Michael Woolrich


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