We offer an individual bespoke service, tailoring our expertise to your needs.

Whether you’re a market newcomer, whisky enthusiast or a seasoned investor, we can add value to your end goal and make the journey there smooth and successful. We take the time to understand your reasons and requirements for purchasing a cask and only then do we make calculated recommendations from a position of knowledge.

We are educated stockists who own a large inventory of casks held under bond, but we also broker casks allowing us to offer the widest range of quality casks to our clients, at the sharpest possible prices. After the most scrupulous assessment by HMRC, we were awarded all the correct licences and certifications (WOWGR/DNA) to trade and store cask whisky under bond, giving all our clients peace of mind. We currently have 6 tried and tested exit strategies when the time is right/ripe. For all wine investors wishing to migrate to whisky: As Liv-ex members, we are able to sell your existing wine portfolio to hundreds of international trade clients in as little as 10 days, through the globally recognised trading platform.

*BUYER BEWARE of any company who cannot or are unwilling to provide you with proof of the correct HMRC certificates and licences to trade and store cask whisky under bond. 



Honesty, transparency and integrity are at forefront of everything we do. We believe honest friendly advice is the only advice and if you have this, trust comes naturally and your journey becomes a successful one.


You can’t buy experience, but we’re happy to share our hard-earned market knowledge/experience with you. You can also enjoy a more tangible experience than with other investments, visiting your cask, drawing samples and bottles, whisky tastings and many more experiences that we have to offer…


With 90% of cask whisky bottled between the age of 3 – 12 years, casks 12+ years are already in short supply. The quality of cask whisky dramatically improves with age whilst becoming increasingly scarcer therefore, historically making for a good long-term investment. them once they mature.


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